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The SLICES-NL will support experimentation on variety of technologies related to data-centric Complex Cyber Infrastructure (CCI), Big Data Infrastructure and technologies (BDIT), and future Internet. This includes programmable network infrastructure, power and energy optimisation in distributed cloud to edge computation and data repository sharing to support innovation in Open Science and Industry 4.0. The SLICES-NL will support architecture research for future Internet and data centric and user centric infrastructures, including architecture aspect of the future RI Platform as a Service (PRIaaS), multi-cloud and intercloud provisioning and management, trusted data exchange and processing with policy/rules enforcement, trusted and explainable Internet.

The Dutch SLICES-RI will coordinate national contribution to support the European Initiative on Open Data Pilot, FAIR data principles and Open Science. The Dutch node will contribute to the SLICES-RI integration with the EOSC infrastructure.

This SLICES-NL will explore in the best way the leading infrastructure research and developments in Netherlands by SURFnet/SURFsara, universities of the ASCI group, NLeSC, industry and academia initiatives on open and trusted data Exchange/sharing and data markets.

University of Amsterdam (UvA)