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who we are

SLICES-RI aims at the creation of a common space among the participating research infrastructures to construct and operate an effective and timely unified research Digital Infrastructure that will lead European research activities beyond. Leveraging the legacy of the previous research projects, SLICES-RI will adopt a new reference architecture and bring advanced functionalities on the experimental based research. Having a large-scale infrastructure based on state of the art technologies in architectures and services will attract researchers at all career stages and will encourage partnerships in and across different fields. Being able to run experiments at every level of the software stack over a variety of hardware devices and clusters in a reproducible and controlled way, will allow researchers to develop and experiment across the variety of DIs topics. Moreover, SLICES-RI will impact education, teaching and learning as students, engineers and researchers will be exposed to this broad set of technologies. The SLICES-RI will be used to design e-labs and MOOCs provisioned on demand where students can remotely learn, program, and practice with the technologies that they do not have in situ. There is obviously an economy of scale, a faster access to talents and an increased attractivity. Therfore, SLICES-RI will provide a research infrastructure allowing academics and industry to experiment and test future, possibly long-term and disruptive DIs which is essential for the European research. European economic stakeholders will gain a competitive advantage at the early stage of the development cycle.