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The Greek National Roadmap is the basis for a long-term plan that aims to establish research infrastructures in Greece as a foundation for excellent research and to internationally position Greek research in a coordinated manner. In parallel, this Roadmap responds to the ex-ante conditionality for the allocation of EU Structural and Investment Funds for the period 2014-2020. The National Roadmap emphasizes the need to build on the existing strengths and potential of the Greek research ecosystem around national strategic priorities that enhance its synergies with the global research and innovation ecosystem and contribute – through a variable geometry funding model – to the implementation of the ESFRI roadmap. The National Roadmap will not only provide strategic advice, signalling priorities for research infrastructures which are essential to support and enhance the robustness and innovativeness of the Greek R&D system, but will also designate longterm engagements in global and European RI initiatives. Part of the Greek National Roadmap is University Thessaly, with the participating infrastructure NITOS, under the action of HELNET.
University of Thessaly