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Slices-RI vision

Digital Infrastructures and the future Internet including 5G and beyond technologies are the main enabling factors contributing to the digital transformation of our society. The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated the vital role of digital infrastructures and showed they should be reinforced. Their design, deployment and operation are critical, calling for a scientific instrument to support the research in this domain for computer science and infrastructure researchers, as well as for data driven scientific applications involving interdisciplinary aspects.
SLICES ambitions to become an impactful RI in Digital Sciences including concerns regarding energy consumption and the implementation of the green deal. It fully aligns with the ESFRI White Paper, as a response to the new challenges lying ahead for Europe. Research and innovation in this domain represent an industrial need, a sovereignty concern, a security threat and an economic and societal development opportunity.
Offer a wide variety of advanced computing and networking resources in order to respond to the needs for research and experimentation on future dynamic systems;
Federate research communities working on these subjects from software and computer system architects to transversal (vertical) applications;
Involve stakeholders from supply side to demand side, enabling the testing of new technologies but also accelerating the deployment of transformative services;
Provide advanced test tools to ensure reproducibility through an automated data repository and support an open data approach for these communities;
Build the capacity by strongly contributing to the important education effort targeting both students and engineers.