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Slices Academy

Training Events



Code Repository

EUCNC 2023 Workshop

NSF Portfolio related to 6G and relevant test platforms, Torlak, Murat (NSF)

Presentation from ARA (Hongwei Zhang, Iowa State University)

AERPAW (Ismail Guvenc, NCSU)

First Slices Summer School

Thanasis Korakis, Univ. Of Thessaly


Serge Fdida, Sorbonne Université

Intruduction to SLICES and its activities

Manu Gosain, PAWR Office

Introduction to PAWR nodes towards 6G

Navid Nikein, EURECOM

Inside O-RAN E2, RIC and xAPPs

Rafael Vicente Rosa, Intel


Yuri Demchenko, Univ. of Amsterdam

Cloud native technologies and cloud based services development and management (including DevOps tools on cloud)

Orchestration across different clusters for the post-5G blueprint / IEEE HPRS 2023
“Slices: European Scientific Large-scale Infrastructure for Computing…” Prof. Serge Fdida (IoTBDS 2023)
GÉANT Infoshare: Quantum Key Distribution | 17 Mar 2021
Challenges for 6G Addressing a Sustainable Future
Essential Choices for Developing Preferred Business of 6G
Remote and Rural Area Connectivity Challenges and Solutions
Deep Dive into the White Paper on Machine Learning in 6G Wireless Communication Networks
Edge Intelligence
Fundamental Research Challenges for Trust, Security and Privacy