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IoT Week

Dublin, Ireland

9:00-10:30 Session 1 – Data Spaces for Interoperable Research Data Management and Governance 


Chair: Yuri Demchenko

  • Mark Dietrich, EGI
  • Sylvia Castellvi, IDSA
  • Panayiotis Andreou, UCLAN
  • Luiz Bonino, GO-FAIR
  • RDA Global Open Research Commons (GORC) Interest Group (TBD)


9:00-9:05 Opening and session goals
9:05-9:10 Round of introduction
9:10-9:30 Overview Data Spaces landscape – Presenter TBD
9:30-10:30 Round Table
Moderator – Yuri Demchenko
Initial statement by panel members (15 min)
Round of questions from the moderator and audience(25 min)
Summary of discussion and suggestions for research and development areas – Joint Panel and audience (15 min)

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11:00-12:30 Session 2 – Research Infrastructure for Cloud, Edge, IoT


Chair: Andrea Passarella, CNR

  • Konstantinos Filis, COSMOTE Mobile Communications S.A
  • Bartek Belter, PSNC
  • Cédric Crettaz, Mandat International
  • Raymond Knopp, Eurecom
  • Thanasis Korakis, UTH
  • Mauro Boldi, TIM


11:00-11:05 Intro: Experimentation on Cloud, Edge, IoT experimentation – Andrea Passarella
11:05-11:17 Leon R&D testbed: A scalable IoT platform for facility automation and energy control – Konstantinos Filis
11:17-11:29 SLICES-PL: research infrastructure for science and industry – Bartek Belter
11:29-11:41 What to test for IoT? – Cédric Crettaz
11:41-11:53 Some IIoT Use-Cases and associated challenges at Sophia-Node – Raymond Knopp
11:53-12:05 TBD – Thanasis Korakis
12:05-12:17 TBD – Mauro Boldi
12:17-12:30 Round of questions from the audience

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15:15-16:30 Session 3 – International cooperation for large scale research infrastructure


Chair: Serge Fdida, Sorbonne University

  • Glenn Ricart, US Ignite
  • Olga Cavalli
  • Jerome Sobieski

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Jun 23 2022


All Day

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