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what is Slices-RI?

SLICES is a flexible platform designed to support large-scale, experimental research focused on networking protocols, radio technologies, services, data collection, parallel and distributed computing and in particular cloud and edge-based computing architectures and services.

who we are

SLICES consortium gathers partners from 15 European countries, all of them having committed to contribute resources and has received the endorsements of key stakeholders and the political supports of 11 European Governments. Several of the current partners are operating facilities that are already on their national and regional RI roadmaps. It is the case for instance for France, Greece, Poland and Norway. The numerous letters of support testify the strong support from the community as well as from industry and member states. SLICES will encourage and foster all the initiatives from the consortium at different levels (European, national, and regional) for the inclusion of SLICES in their respective roadmaps. Discussions and negotiations have already started in several countries involved in the SLICES with their respective ministries in order to broaden the SLICES consortium.

what we offer


SLICES will engage, in a long-term and sustainable and aligned way, communities involved in (i) novel Digital Infrastructure technologies and paradigms (ii) future Internet large-scale testbed development and operation; (iii) the operation of Platforms as a Service, (iv) development of the software necessary to control and manage it.It will also link them with transversal (vertical) applications and provide synergies between academia, industry and business actors.

This will allow SLICES to (i) address scientific needs of the Digital Science research (ii) support technological take-ups and accelerate market access in core ICT technologies, (iii) support verticals such as Smart cities, e-health, Industrial Internet, Transport, Energy. It will involve stakeholders from supply side to demand side, enabling the testing of new technologies but also accelerating the deployment of transformative services.

our work


The SLICES partners have experience on the operation and experimentation with real infrastructure, covering the following areas:

  • Advanced wireless networking
  • Smart infrastructure operation and management
  • Design and validation of new DIs and hyper-converged infrastructures
  • Energy efficiency and carbon footprint
  • Security and privacy