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Slices Academy

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SLICES National Roadshow

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EUCNC 2023 Workshop

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First Slices Summer School

Navid Nikein, Eurecom

E2E OAI/FlexRIC deployment (incl. remote demo using EURECOM’s SOPHIA-NODE clusters)

Manu Gosain, PAWR Office

PAWR nodes

Rafael Vicente Rosa, Intel

SD-Core and Aether

Sorbonne Université /Univ. of Thessaly

“Experiences from deploying the AETHER framework” (SU/UTH)

Raymond Knopp, EURECOM

SDR tools for experimentation: And Overview of the use of NI USRPs and emerging O-RU

Thien-Thinh Nguyen, EURECOM

3GPP 5G Core architecture (including illustrations with OAI 5GC)

Scoring the Terabit/s Goal: Broadband Connectivity in 6G
Deep Dive into Machine Type Communications Towards 6G
Localization and Sensing - Technologies, Opportunities and Challenges
Deep Dive into the 6G White Paper on Validation and Trials
6G Networking

Slices - GitLab

gitlab + slices Sc

GitLab is used by the SLICES-SC community to store the source code, the scripts, the configuration files and the technical documentation related to the execution of a given experiment. The GitLab code repository allows the reproducibility of the experiments run in the SLICES-SC testbeds.